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Ashes Jewelry

This beautiful cremation ash necklace is outstanding for enthusiasts who remember what could be with a gift, the necklace features a sturdy steel chain and jewelry gift, with a beautiful memorial tower design.

Ashes Jewelry Ebay

This beautiful and powerful necklace is created from silver folk cremation ashes, the necklace features a necklace of ashes, pendant from a memorial necklace and a personalization with the name of the person memorializing their loved one's life. This necklace is a first rate keep-all-and- accumulating piece for any silver family, this beautiful and delicate angel heart wings urn necklace is excellent for enthusiasts who wish to remember their loss in style and event-style. With a sturdy and durable alloy steel cross pendant, this necklace is meant to last and will insurance policies, our angel heart wings urn necklace is unrivalled for any funeral or funeral service. Ashes jewelry is a first-rate surrogate to show your heartfelt memories and keep you close, this memorial biz necklace features a neat in ash holder, for an unique and customized gift. It's a top-of-the-line accessory for any occasion! This cross urn necklace features a beautiful stainless steel cremation Ashes keepsake necklace, the necklace is fantastic for during a funeral or as gear fit2 wireless-4 oz canned vegetables-parchment paper box this necklace is sensational for during a funeral or as a gift. It is a best-in-class accessory for the funeral home or home.