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Jewelry Tray Liner Burlap

This Burlap pad is splendid for decorating your jewelry display case! It's soft and smooth to touch, making it a practical way for secretly writing in your warranty or for claiming a special place in your home.

Best Jewelry Tray Liner Burlap

This is a beautiful Burlap Tray Liner with an intricate design and two type of inserts, the Burlap is in excellent condition with no any tears or stains. The insert's are of sterling silver design and are in beneficial condition, there is a lot of fun in this! This Tray is fantastic for organizing and displaying your jewelry. It is fabricated of Burlap wood and provides a Liner of Burlap fabric, the Burlap fabric is thick and strong, making it a first rate material for covering up damage. The Tray is moreover valuable for carrying your jewelry around, this Burlap Tray Liner organizer insert is superb for use as can or for your jewelry! It's made of Burlap with a modern design and a star-shaped insert to keep your jewelry safe. The insert is conjointly machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant, this Burlap jewelry Tray Liner organizer is a splendid substitute to organize your jewelry boxes and trays! It comes with 18 compartments that can hold all of your jewelry items, and a modern Burlap material that is basic to clean. This Tray Liner is a top way for admirers who have a lot of jewelry and don't want to tiktok or it from another.