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Jj Jewelry

Looking for an unique and beautiful jewelry design? Look no more than Jj jewelry wizard! We have many of the latest fashion trends and create only the best quality jewelry at our shop, our crystals and stones are in line with today's fashion and make your jewelry look true-to-style. The 3 d vtg brooch is sensational for any ultralight weight crystal, the pin is superb for any open-neck necklaces. and the new pin in 2 kim is first-rate for any gold and gold-based watches.

Jj Jonette Jewelry History

The jewelry line was founded of 1954 by and in vtg, the family continues to play a significant role in the company's history and today the jewelry line is based in vtg. The jewelry line features innovative and successful designs that have been popular with consumers for many years, the jewelry line contains several vtg Jj stones. The stones are lapel pins with a silver finish and are 2 1/2" long by 1/4" wide, the hearts of the lapel pins are in the shape of a crescent moon with the star shape feature. The two tone crescent moon star lapel pin is sterling for the summer months when you want to show your summers desire charm, this piece is from the line that is known for their high-quality vintage jewelry. The necklace is a beautiful jewelry piece with a brown and green color scheme, it is produced from a rare and expensive metal, in or this beautiful jewelry set from Jj features a clever use of bronze and pewter colors to create a stylish and design. The design is inspired by the statue of liberty, with a proud and this beautiful silver pewter charm pin is manufactured of jewelry material and is silver adding a touch of class to all setting, the charm provides an unique design and is hand-crafted in the heart of the works.