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Yellow Jewelry

This Yellow gold leopard pendant is a beautiful necklace with a sleek design, the necklace is manufactured with a delicate gold leopard design and as well authoritatively made with essential that gives the necklace a final touch. The emerald gemstone necklace is a stunning piece and is top-notch for any look.

Yellow Jewelry Sets

This product is a Yellow gold plated necklace with crescent moon on the head, inspired by the classic Yellow jewelry sets, the necklace is manufactured up of a series of jewelry cubes that are 18 k Yellow gold plated, making it solid gold-compliant. The pendants are metalized with a crescent moon on the head, they are made of crescent moon shaped metal, which as well the shape of the moon. Are you digging for a beautiful Yellow costume jewelry set? If so, then you must research the biz women necklace 18 k Yellow gold plated leopard pendant emerald jewelry, this set contains an 18 k Yellow gold plated leopard pendant and an emerald necklace - creating a corelle look. Introducing a top-of-the-line solution for today's fashion accessory: the Yellow jewelry! This necklace comes with an enchantment that everlasting enchantment Yellow nwt free earrings, with its lively color and content, this necklace is a style icon. This Yellow jewelry set belongs to the jewelry series that specializes in, in particular, Yellow gold filled coins and jewelry, this set of Yellow jewelry features a series of cuban link chains and necklaces in 20-24 carat Yellow gold filled chains and necklaces, with an 10 k Yellow gold content. The chains and necklaces are made from Yellow gold filled curb cobblestone and can be worn as necklaces or chains, the jewelry is also error-free and comes with an 2-year warranty.